Association and Nonprofit Jobs

Author: Barrie Segall

What is the most important relationship in a nonprofit agency? In my opinion, it’s the one between the CEO and the Board President. Almost all nonprofit management literature highlights the critical relationship between the CEO and the Board of Directors. Board Source says “exceptional boards govern in constructive partnership with the chief executive, recognizing that the effectiveness of the board and the chief executive are interdependent.”

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Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide

Author: Renae Davies

I recently received a call from someone interested in starting a new association related to the industry in which he works. Although there are a couple of associations related to his field, they do not offer great member benefits so he would like to fill the void and offer substantial benefits and offerings to its members.  Through my own experience and after doing a bit of research, I’ve compiled the following outline on how to start a new association.

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Author: Alan Sharpe

You’ll be encouraged to know that the art of writing effective fundraising letters can be learned. I learned it. So can you.

Successful fundraising letters share a number of things in common. Once you know what these things are, your letter is already half-way written.

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